SVC 9020BK CLEENO Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

  • UV lamp for killing bacteria
  • Anti-impact front sensor
  • Triple rotary brush system
Finished product

Main features SVC 9020BK CLEENO

Ideal for cleaning carpets, floating floors, parquet floors, linoleum, floor tiles, etc.
UV lamp for eliminating bacteria (suitable for allergy sufferers and households with pets)
Anti-impact front sensor
Very quiet operation
Triple rotary brush system:
Bristle rotary turbo-brush for perfect beating of carpets
Rubber rotary brush for perfect sweeping of dust from floating floors
Side rotary brush for perfect cleaning of corners
"Mop" function with a special anti-static duster (included)
The space isolator prevents vacuuming movement outside a designated area (e.g. prevents entry to other rooms or to the terrace, prevents falls from stairs, etc.)
3 space isolator range settings (4 m / 6 m / 8 m)
Battery level indicator on the space isolator.
2 movement speed settings (for a quick or thorough clean)
Combines 4 cleaning programs to clean maximum area:
Random (movement in a random direction)
Spiral (movement in a spiral)
Along the Wall (movement along walls)
Linear (direct movement)
Variable time setup (automatically starts cleaning at a designed day, hour and minute):
Only one day per week
Several different days per week
Only workdays
Only weekends
"Full Go" function (automatic start of cleaning once the battery is charged)
Operating time up to 120 min. per single charge
Remote control
Charging station that can be mounted on a wall or on furniture
Automatically returns to the charging station after completing a program
Automatically returns to the charging station when the battery is weak
Automatic shut off if the wheels become blocked
Removable main travel wheels and direction wheel for easy cleaning
Can travel over a door sill that is up to 1,5 cm in height
Convenient carrying handle
Automatic maintenance monitoring where warning messages are shown on the remote control display.
Indicator light on the body of the vacuum cleaner (stand-by mode, charging, fully charged)
Advantage of pairing vacuum cleaners and remote controls making it possible to operate several vacuum cleaners in a single household with independent control
Volume of dust container: 370 ml
Power source for the space isolator: 2x size D batteries (not included)
Battery: 2200 mAh, NiMH (fully recharged after approx. 5 hours)
Power input: 24 W
Suction power: 20 W
Noise level: < 55 dB
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 320 x 320 x 87 mm
Weight: 3.2 kg

Technical specifications

Power input 24 W
Noise level 55 dB
Wet cleaning NO
Microfilter NO
Washable output filter NO
Filter clogging indication NO
Rotating brush YES
Battery life 120 min
Charging time 5 hod
Number of programs 4
Docking station YES
Timer YES
Height 8,7 cm
Width 32 cm
Depth 32 cm
Colour BLACK
Weight 3,2 kg