Stick Blenders
PASTELS Collection Stick Blenders
The world’s slimmest stick blender. Just over an inch and a half in diameter. The ergonomic handle and slim design feel good in your hand. Continuous speed control ensures the right speed for any ingredients.

PASTELS Collection Toasters
Toasting is fast and easy. And besides ordinary toasting, you can also use the appliance’s second function — thawing pastries. But you’ve got a microwave for that, right? Well, you’ve never thawed with our toaster — the pastry thaws as warm and crisp as freshly baked, not gummy or rock hard.

Kitchen Scales
PASTELS Collection Kitchen Scales
This scale is simply beautiful. It features a modern acrylic design using pure, transparent plastic with colored plastic underneath. This transparent surface allows remarkable light refraction that creates gentle reflections and harmonious shades of color. The result is clean, elegant, modern look that makes the scale timeless.

Water Kettles
PASTELS Collection Water Kettles
Outstanding designer kettle using the same modern Samsung plastic used in cellphones. No odors even after boiling. And its beautiful shine lasts. It all comes with a blue light-up power button and illuminated fill indicators on both sides.