SMR 600 Personal Mobile Radio

SMR 600

Personal Mobile Radio

  • 2 Radio Stations
  • Up to 8 km Range

Main features SMR 600

Set of Two Personal Mobile Radio Transceivers
Up to 8 km Open Field Range
8 Channels with 38 CTCSS Codes
83 DCS Codes for More Private Communication
Rotary ON/OFF and Volume Control
Auto Channel Scan
15 Selectable Call Ring Tones
VOX Function
Channel Monitor
Dual Channel Watch Function
Automatic Squelch
Automatic Battery Save
Roger Beep ON/OFF
Key Lock ON/OFF
Key Tone ON/OFF
Large Backlight Display
Battery Meter with Low Warning
MIC/EAR/Charge Jack
Content :
2 PMR handset
2 Belt Clip
Rechargeable Battery
Dual Charger Stand
AC Adaptor

Technical specifications

Range 8 km
Number of channel combinations 8
Handsfree conversation YES
Backlit display YES
Recharging batteries YES
Height 16,2 cm
Width 5,6 cm
Depth 3,5 cm
Colour BLACK