SHD 7170WH Hair Dryer

SHD 7170WH

Hair Dryer

  • Folding handle
  • Ionisation function
  • Anti-bacterial surface treatment

Main features SHD 7170WH

Power input 2000 W
Folding handle for easier storage and travel
Ionisation function generates negative ions (similar to the air after rain):
• guarantees silkier and shinier hair without crinkling
• enables faster drying
• reduces static electricity (hair is easier to comb out)
• prevents hair damage
2 speeds (gentle and strong air current)
3 power levels (low, medium and high temperature)
Cold air button for faster hairstyle fixation and modelling
Ultra-light design
Quiet DC motor
Anti-bacterial surface treatment
Removable rear grill for easier cleaning
Ergonomically shaped handle with an optimal layout of the control element for left-handers and right-handers
Wave-shaped heating spiral
• guarantees that a constant temperature is maintained for the entire drying time
• protects hair against damage by extremely hot air
Hanging loop
Silver-plated switch contacts ensure a longer service life
Thermal fuse protects the motor against overheating
Accessories: air nozzle, volume diffuser (12 cm diameter)
Length of the power cord: 1.7 m
Dimensions without the nozzle attached (length x depth x height): 173 x 79 x 248 mm
Dimensions with the nozzle attached (length x depth x height): 205 x 79 x 248 mm
Dimensions with the diffuser attached (length x depth x height): 270 x 120 x 248 mm
Dimensions when folded without any accessories attached (length x depth x height): 216 x 79 x 124 mm
Weight: 360 g

Technical specifications

Temperature levels 3
Number of attachments 2
Speeds 2
Cool air YES
Ionizer YES
Diffuser YES
Flexible end YES
Comb brush NO
Hanging loop YES
Power input 2 000 W
Height 24,8 cm
Width 17,3 cm
Depth 7,9 cm
Colour WHITE
Weight 360 g