SWS 250 Weather Station

SWS 250

Weather Station

  • Radio Control Clock
  • Color Display
Finished product

Main features SWS 250

Colour Display Radio Controlled Projection Clock with In/Out Thermometer & Weather
Full Colour LCD Display
Display Indoor and Outdoor Temperature in Multi Colour Bar Graph Format
Indoor Temperature: 0°C až 50°C ±1,5°C
Outdoor Temperature: -20°C až 60°C ±1,5°C
Barometric Pressure Reading in hPa, mb or inHg with Altitude Compensation Setting
Pressure Trend Indicator (Rising,Steady and Failling)
Indoor and 3-Channel Outdoor Temperature with Trend Indicator & °C/°F Selectable)
Maximum & Minimum Temperature Record
RF Frequency: 433 MHz
Radio Controlled Clock (DCF) with Daily Alarm
Calendar in Day/Month or Month/Day
Day of the Week Display
Second Time Zone Setting & Display
Project Image of Current Time to Ceiling or Wall
Super-bright Red Projection Image
Image Focus Control & Image Rotation
Blue Light Bar (Night Light) with On/Off Control
Rotatable Display for Easy Viewing
Main Unit: 3 x 1,5 V, type AAA(Not Included) and Adapter 4,5 V(Included)
Weight: 300 g
Dimensions: 132 x 122 x 40 mm
Remote Sensor(SWS 2 TS)
Power: 2 x 1,5 V, type AAA( Not Included)
Dimensions: 90 x 63 x 22 mm

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