SAC MT7010C Portable Air Conditioner


Portable Air Conditioner

  • Night-time SLEEP mode
  • AUTO mode for achieving and maintaining optimal temperature
  • AUTO RESTART function
Finished product

Main features SAC MT7010C

3 operating modes:
• Cooling
• Dehumidifier
• Independent fan
Two washable air filters
The temperature may be set in the range 17 – 30 °C
4 fan speeds (low, medium, high and automatic)
The LED display shows:
• Power indicator (POWER)
• Set temperature or automatic start / shut off time
• SLEEP mode (Sleep)
• Automatic start timer mode (TIME ON)
• Automatic shut off timer mode (TIME OFF)
• Automatic mode (AUTO)
• Cooling mode (COOL)
• Dehumidifier mode (DRY)
• Fan speed mode (FAN) with graphical indication of three speeds (low, medium, high)
Remote control with an LCD display with a button lock function (2x 1.5 V AAA batteries included)
24-hour start / shut off timer in 0.5 hour increments (in the 0-10 hour range) and in 1 hour increments (in the 10-24 hour range)
Night-time SLEEP mode with silent energy saving operation that prevents over-cooling during sleep
AUTO mode for achieving and maintaining optimal temperature
4 travel wheels
Integrated handle
AUTO RESTART function to automatically resume the operating mode after an el. power outage
Compressor protection function for the event of an el. power outage
Motor-adjustable flap angle with an automatic up and down motion option
Option to drain condensate through a wall or a slide window
Built-in condensate tank (with sound warning when full)
Complete installation kit included

Technical Parameters:
Power input: 790 W
Power output: 7000 Btu/h, 2.1 kW
Current consumption: 3.6 A
EER cooling factor: 2.61
Air volume (high/medium/low fan speed): 450/420/380 m3/h
Applicable area: 10-17 m2
Length of drain hose: adjustable in the range 0.5–2 m
Dehumidification capacity: 0.8 l/h
Coolant type: highly effective ecological coolant R410a
Coolant weight: 260 g
Noise level (high/medium/low fan speed): 54/51/49 dB(A)
Dimensions of the unit (width x depth x height): 440 x 370 x 714 mm
Dimensions of the packaging (width x depth x height): 498 x 423 x 880 mm
Weight net/gross: 26/30 kg