SCA PARK200 Parking Sensor System


Parking Sensor System

  • Parking without Troubles
  • Suitable for All Cars

Main features SCA PARK200

4 Parking Sensor System
Showing the Distance from the Obstacle on the Display
Automatic Activation When the Reverse Gear Chosen
Wireless Connection Between Display and Control Box
Audible/Voice Warnings Available (Attention/Warning/Stop)
Obstacle Detection from 0.3 to 2 m from the Bumper
Super-Wide Detective Angle Prevents Side Impale
All Weather Design (-40° to +80° C)
Suitable for All Cars
Pack Contains: 1 Command Module, 4 Ultrasonic Sensors (Shiny Black), 1 Acoustic IIdicator – Wireless LCD Display, 1 Power Supply Cable, 1 Hole Borer, 1 Accessory Kit, 1 Instruction Manual

Technical specifications

Colour BLACK