Established in 1969
Established in 1969

Sencor was founded in Japan in 1969. Today, SENCOR supplies more than 1,000 types of products in six assortment groups to 35+ countries worldwide.

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Our recipes
Our recipes Be inspired by the recipes that we have created in cooperation with well-known bloggers. We focused on tasty, natural and nutritious ingredients and beautiful presentation.

Our recipes




Mini poppy seed cakes with meringue

Great snack for all poppy seed and dried tropical fruit fans. Spongy filling hidden under a cloud of meringue.


(12 pcs)


•    0,25 kg plain flour
•    half of tbs baking powder
•    120g butter
•    1 tsp icing sugar
•    pinch of salt
•    2 yolks
•    1 tbs sour cream

Poppy seed filling

•    1 yolk
•    almond flavour
•    1 tbs dry semolina
•    500 g of poppy seed
•    125g butter
•    half glass of honey (or more to taste)
•    almond flavouring
•    dried tropical fruit (sultanas, nuts,
     almonds, dried apricots, orange zest, etc.)


•    2 yeasts
•    half glass of sugar


Soak poppy seeds and leave overnight. Cook them, drain and ground 3 times the next day. Add honey to poppy seeds and combine - check if you like the sweetness (you can add more sugar), add almond flavour, melted butter and chopped dried tropical fruit, then combine everything together. 1/3 glass of sultanas

Put all dough ingredients into a food processor and mix quickly with the hook-arm. Put the dough into the fridge for half an hour. After that put dough into muffin trays (metal or ceramic). Combine poppy seed filling with an egg, flavouring, sultanas and semolina with help of the A-arm. Put poppy seed spread on the dough. Whisk egg whites with sugar until the foam becomes hard with egg beating arm. Put on the poppy seed spread. Bake in 180°C degrees for about 30 minutes. Leave until it cools down.


Mini makowce z bezą