SMW 5220 Microwave Oven with Grill

SMW 5220

Microwave Oven with Grill

  • Combination cooking mode (microwave + grill)
  • Defrosting based on weight and time
  • Pre-programmed cooking (8 menus)

Main features SMW 5220

Combination cooking mode (microwave + grill)
White enamel exterior housing
White enamel interior
Digital controls
Volume 20 l
Defrosting based on weight and time
Quick start function
95-minute timer
Microwave power 700 W
5 microwave power levels
Grill power 1000 W
2 combination cooking modes
Preprogrammed cooking (8 menus)
Delayed start function
Grilling rack
Sound signals
Handle to open the door
Child safety lock
Rotating plate diameter 255 mm
Dimensions (w x h x d): 440 x 258 x 355 mm

Technical specifications

Installation options STANDALONE
Microwave oven type WITH GRILL
Capacity 20 l
Microwave power output 700 W
Grill YES
Grill output 1 000 W
Hot air NO
Display YES
Turntable diameter 25,5 cm
Interior surface LACQUERED
Door opening LEFT
Built-in options NO
Height 25,8 cm
Width 44 cm
Depth 35,5 cm
Colour WHITE
Weight 11,2 kg