SIK 5000BK Insect Killer

SIK 5000BK

Insect Killer

  • Smoke-free ecological operation
  • Operational range 30 m2
  • Practical hanging loop

Main features SIK 5000BK

Effective at killing flying insects
Suitable for weekend houses, cottages, gardens, verandahs etc.
2x 4 W UV fluorescent tube for attracting insects (wave length 365 nm)
Operating range: 30 m2
Ecological operation without smoke, chemical agents and poisons
External protective grill
Practical hanging loop
On/Off switch
Voltage at the electrodes: 1600 V
Lifetime of the fluorescent tubes: 5000 hours
Length of power cord: 2.7 m
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 147 x 93 x 221 mm
Weight: 0.38 kg