SHF 1005 Humidifier

SHF 1005


  • Produces cold steam
  • Continuous regulation of humidification output
  • Blue night-time LED light

Main features SHF 1005

High frequency ultrasound oscillator principle (2.4 MHz)
Produces cold steam (has no effect on room temperature)
Very quiet operation: 25 dB (suitable for bedrooms)
Continuous regulation of humidification output
Transparent water tank
Volume of water tank 3 l
Humidification output 150 ml/hour
Operating time of 20 hours without the need for a water refill
Suitable for rooms up to 20 m2
Automatic shut-off when the water in the tank is used up
Night blue LED light
Tower space-saving design
Supplied accessories: cleaning brush
Power input: 25 W
Dimensions (width x depth x height): 171 x 171 x 350 mm
Length of power cord: 1.5 m
Weight: 1.5 kg

Technical specifications

Maximum room size 20 m3
Container capacity 3 l
Maximum operating time 20 hod
Anti-bacterial protection NO
Timer NO
Automatic program NO
Display NO
Water consumption 150 ml/hod
Power input 25 W
Height 35 cm
Width 17,1 cm
Depth 17,1 cm
Weight 1,5 kg

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