SLL 53 Professional  Head Torch

SLL 53

Professional Head Torch

  • The body is made ​​of aluminium and durable plastic
  • 150 m Afterglow
  • 3x AAA (R03) - cell batteries

Main features SLL 53

Professional head torch with 3 W super luminous CREE LED diode
Body made from alluminium and durable plastics
Easy manipulation with adjustable joint and head strap
Ideal for profesional usage and sport activities
3 lightning modes, 50%, 100% and warning light
3W highly luminous CREE LED diode - 3 lightning modes
Feature: beam width regulation
Feature: FULL / SEMI / FLASH / OFF
Afterglow: 150 m
Luminous flux: 160 lm
Power supply: 4.5V, 3× AAA (R03)
Lightening duration (continuous): with LR03 - 3 h
Protection: IP×2

Technical specifications

Light bulb LED
Power R03

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