SLL 50 Head Torch

SLL 50

Head Torch

  • Dust, Shoct and Moisture Resistant
  • 15 m Afterglow
  • 3x AAA (R03) - cell batteries

Main features SLL 50

Head torch with 8 highly luminousi LED diodes
The body is made of lightweight and durable plastic
Handling facilitates adjustable joint with lock and adjustable head strap
Ideal for lighting for short distances without using your hands
3 intensities of lightening 2 LED, 4 LED and full shine 8 LED
8 lighly luminous LED diodes - 3 modes of lightening
Resistant to moisture, impact and dust
Afterglow: 15 m
Luminous flux: 32 lm
Power supply: 4.5V, 3x AAA (R03)
Diode lifetime : up to 100 000 h
Lightening duration (continuous): with LR03 - 20 h

Technical specifications

Light bulb LED
Power R03

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