SBM 1600 DECT Digital Baby Monitor

SBM 1600

DECT Digital Baby Monitor

  • Transmitter and receiver set
  • 10 channels with automatic tuning
  • Can be used to talk back to the child
Finished product

Main features SBM 1600

Sound and optical indicator for loss of signal (out of range)
Transmitter and receiver set (baby and parent unit)
Range in open space up to 400 m
Digital wireless transmission (DECT - 1.9 GHz) without noise or interference
10 channels with automatic retuning to a channel with the best signal
VOX mode (transmission only occurs when the baby unit registers a sound)
Option to talk back to the baby
Soft night light on the baby unit
5 volume levels on both units
8 sound indication levels on the parent unit (LED diodes)
5 microphone sensitivity level settings
Built-in microphone on the baby unit and a speaker in the parent
unit for monitoring of sound
Mains/battery powered
Max. battery powered operating time:
Baby unit 15 hours
Parent unit 8 hours
Charging time of the parent unit: 5 hours
Charging base for the parent unit with a charging indicator
Belt clip on the parent unit (permanent part)
Charging/weak battery indicator on both units
Supplied accessories: parent unit charging stand,
2x power adapters, 2x AAA rechargeable batteries
Baby unit power source: DC 6V, 400 mAh or 4x AA batteries
Parent unit power source: DC 6V, 400 mAh or 2x AAA rechargeable batteries
Dimensions of the baby unit (width x depth x height): 109 x 50 x 92 mm
Dimensions of the parent unit (width x depth x height): 62 x 40 x 108 mm

Technical specifications

Operating time 8 hod
Maximum reach 400 m
Number of channels 10
Video NO
Battery indicator YES
Two-way YES
Height 9,2 cm
Width 10,9 cm
Depth 5 cm
Colour WHITE
Weight 500 g