SCD 5064MR Car Radio with CD/MP3/USB

SCD 5064MR

Car Radio with CD/MP3/USB

  • Antishock Protection
  • Front Panel AUX IN
  • USB Port a SDHC Slot
Finished product

Main features SCD 5064MR

Car Radio with CD/MP3 Player
Front SD/SDHC Card Slot (up to 32 GB)
Front USB Port (up to 32 GB)
Front AUX IN (3.5 mm Jack)
Output Max 4x40 W
PLL FM/AM Tuner, 18/12 Presets
MP3 ID3 Tag, Audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW
Anti Shock Protection (Audio CD 40 s, MP3 CD 120s)
DSP Equalizer
Bass Boost
Orange Illuminated LCD Display and Illuminated Buttons
Digital Clock
Removable Front Panel with Protective Portable Case
Output Amplifier Line-Out (Cinch)
Integrated ISO Connector
Power 12 V (10.5 - 16 V)
Dimensions (Device): 178x175x50 mm
Weight: 1.5 kg